weekend retreat

Wild Soul Summer Solstice

Exploring Shadow & Light

women’s retreat

16-18 June 2023


About the retreat

The Summer Solstice is a time of maximum light and therefore conducive to exploring our shadows and bringing them into the light. This is a co-creation for a safe space to be, to learn, and to dive deep into ourselves. Join us as we will be embracing the shadow and allow our own unique light to shine. We’ll encourage ourselves to listen to our own bodies, observe our own minds, and emotions, and access a deeper understanding of the hearts and spirits that animate our being. An invitation to co-create a transformative experience through contemplating, moving with stillness, dissolving, and re-aligning (embodiment).

Who this retreat for

Do you resonate with some of these questions?

  • feel more disconnected from your body as we become more digitalized?
  • feel out of sync with nature’s cycles and rhythms?
  • want to look beneath the surface of yourself and find a deeper connection to life and others?
  • yearn for the simplicity of life that allows you to feel the excitement?
  • have the desire to explore the shadow side of you and the duality of life?
  • want to celebrate the Summer Solstice with other like-minded souls?

If some of the above rings true, then this is the retreat to attend now. Come and join Soraya and I for a journey into the Wild Soul Self.

Price and payment plan offer

£475 per person sharing a 4-person room with en-suite

Payment plan available with a deposit of £150, please enquire. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


For booking please send an email or message to Soraya on WhatsApp at 0778 953 6795


Weekend Summer Solstice Retreat, what is included

  • 3-day stay at The Croft Farm Escapes with use of the barn facilities. Arrival day from 2 pm, departure 2 pm
  • daily embodied yoga practices both dynamic and restorative
  • daily dance Mandala
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Daily discussions
  • cacao ceremony
  • Singing/chanting
  • Sound healing
  • Daily Self Reflection practices; meditation, journalling, and other processes.
  • Forest Bathing
  • Walking in nature, together or alone
  • Accommodation; sharing a room for 4 with an en-suite bathroom
  • all meals; fruit and herbal teas before practice. Muesli, bread, coffee, and tea after practice followed by a substantial veggie/plant-based brunch. 2-course plant-based evening meal. Herbal teas, normal tea, coffee. Special diets can be catered for, let us know at the time of booking


We will be staying in a nurturing space of ancient woodland and farmland featuring a vibrant healing hub perfect for our program of embodied movement to deepen awareness of the wild soul Self that we are. To find out more about the venue CLICK HERE

A retreat to explore creativity, connection, and nature.

Space and time to remember our divine essence.



moving stillness flow

Awaken the inner dancer and discover your natural flow. We will explore our dance using the DANCEmandala Elemental map to open space for both our shadow and light through somatic awareness, emotive movement, playfulness, and reflective expression. No experience in dance is required. Bring yourself exactly as you are into this re-wilding process and let your body move into joy and freedom. To read more about DANCEmandala CLICK HERE

Movement and stillness flow towards balance and DANCEmandala awakens the authentic self and calls forth our compassionate wild women to the light. We’ll make space for the play of shadows may they be pain, suffering, or joy, we’ll move with them all in the dance until we’re fully awake to the wilderness of our own souls. I’m excited to co-create this retreat for you. Come and join us for a weekend of discovery, and connection to the wild Soul within!




Yoga for Embodiment and Trauma

The focus in this practice shifts from the external “need to get it right” to using poses/shapes of yoga to explore our inner world (introperception) how we move in space (proprioception) and the space around us (extraperception). Invitational language in addition to exploring choice making can have a profound and healing effect on our nervous system as we allow our body complex to experience felt sensation and toleration of it. We begin to inhabit our body and gradually understand the habits and blocks that stop us from fully living our life. To read more about Soraya Yoga CLICK HERE

Yoga offers me the support, structure, and foundation to reveal myself and show vulnerability without my armoring and masks. We welcome you to join us in this 3 day-retreat of discovery, creativity, understanding, de-conditioning, and healing. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.



Enquiry about DANCEmandala: (+44) 07305818782

Phone and WhatsApp Areeradh


Write to Areeradh

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