3 September 2023 | Bakewell, Derbyshire

Join us for a day of wellbeing classes, meditation, 

inspiration and connection

About Soulmala

Soulmala brings together wellness professionals in one place to offer a day of classes including yoga, somatic movement, intuitive dance, voice, sound, healing music, creative art, and mindfulness. The festival will provide participants with full-experience classes rather than taster sessions or exhibitions of products and services. This way, Soulmala is also a one-day retreat where you will be able to create your own unique experience from the varied program we offer.

Our vision is to create space for connection and promote well-being through a range of practices and modalities. We understand the importance of connection and community in sustaining physical, mental, and emotional health leading to more profound transformation both within us and around us. We aim to support and engage local communities as well as wider groups of visitors and friends, making this an inclusive, heart-centered event. Soulmala one-day festival project is the first of its kind to be offered in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

For further inquiries, our organising team of local volunteers would be happy to chat with you. Please feel free to connect with us at soulmalafestival@gmail.com

We support the local community

We’re seeking partnerships with individuals and small businesses in the local area to help us create a day of connection and joy. Soulmala is for everyone interested in good health and well-being who would like to engage with like-minded people. A percentage of any net proceeds will be donated to a local charity in order to share the love from the festival. We will add more details here soon. Please get in touch if you want to partner with us. This might be by way of sponsoring venue hire, teacher costs, publicity leaflets, etc, providing lunches for our volunteers, or any other ideas you may wish to propose. , etc. 

Partner with Soulmala

There are many ways you can be a partner of this one-day festival. Please get in touch to register your interest and talk to us. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

We want to bring people together

Connection is Key to healthy living. As well as partnering with the local community, Soulmala extends a warm invitation to everyone beyond our local areas. We will have guest teachers and friends bringing their magic to the program. No matter where you’re based, if you’re reading this and feel inspired to offer your own wellbeing class. Please get in touch. We will be glad to hear from you and have a chat about what you want to offer.

Get involved

If you wish to get involved, teach a class, do a talk, volunteer on the day, or help with organising, you are so welcome! Let us know a little bit about yourself and apply as soon as possible

Your Program and Schedule

We’re putting together more than 18 classes for you that focus on well-being and building inner and outer connections. Scroll down to read more about what will be on the program. This is Bakewell’s first Soulmala. Come and join us!

We offer the full experience of activities as mentioned. Most classes will be open for advance booking nearer the time. Get your ticket now and we will keep you posted about updates and more details about our teachers and speakers.

Early Bird Tickets

Why not let us know your interest now and book your early bird ticket today. No payment or credit card is needed yet. Once our ticket system is up and running, we will inform you of how you can purchase your ticket.

There will be many yoga classes in the program to choose from. Each yoga session is a full class of 55 mins. Take a class with a local teacher or a guest teacher from further afield for something different. We’re making sure that each class is gentle enough, suitable for all, and can be adjusted to individual needs so you can take more than one class on the day if you wish to. All yoga classes will be presented by experienced, qualified teachers. More details and the teachers’ profiles will be available soon.

Bring your yoga mat if you have one.

Our embodied movement offerings explore somatic movement, and transformational and healing dance in a non-judgmental space. Each movement class will be gently guided with and without music. No dance experience is needed to participate. Bring curiosity, open-mindedness, and a willingness to move your body, be playful and dive a little deeper into yourself while exploring connection and having fun.

Please wear comfortable clothes that allow you to easily move and dance. Bring your water bottle. 

Having space for creative expression is so important for well-being. Our program will include voice activation and soul song, an art expression workshop, a sound bath, and creative essential oils for well-being. We will add the detailed schedule nearer the time so you can plan your day with us. Why not register your interest now by subscribing to the Soulmala newsletter so we can keep you informed? We are excited to bring all these wonderful wellness practices together in one place for you.

Please bring a sarong or a cushion and your yoga mat for your comfort in joining these sessions.

Guided mindfulness meditation and talk.

Sitting in quiet meditation together is one of the best group activities out there! At Soulmala, there will be opportunities for you to relax into meditation, or listen to talks about developing inner peace from experienced practitioners. The list of guest speakers and their topics will be added soon. You can subscribe to the Soulmala newsletter to receive updates as soon as they are available.

On the day, why not bring a pen and notebook to jot down any insights that arise.

Subscribe to Soulmala mailing list to receive updates about the schedule and how to get your ticket.

Soulmala 2023 in the beautiful Bakewell, Darbyshire








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