Areeradhana is the founder and creator of the DANCEmandala. Also a manager of the Yoga Tree-Chiang Mai. She started her yoga in 1992 and gained her teaching qualification from Tri-yoga Education (UK) in 2008.  In the past 10 years she has been integrating the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda, healing movement practice and meditation into her life and daily routine. This process has been a great support to her well-being and now an integral part of her on-going Self-discovery and teaching. 

Areeradhana has been running a yoga centre known as the Yoga Tree-Chiang Mai which is also her registered business name. The Yoga Tree was recently moved out of the original location. Instead of taking the Yoga Tree into a new location, Areeradhana carries with her the business concept and set up a new studio space called the Blossom Studio for Yoga and Movement by the Yoga Tree-Chiang Mai.

Areeradhana teaches yoga, dance meditation on the Yoga Tree’s regular schedule when time allow but mostly she teaches on the DANCEmandala Facilitator Training programs and in retreats she organise throughout the year.  See SCHEDULE to find out about her next events.



Devised from Areeradh’s own personal practice, the DANCEmandala is a method of moving meditation that encourages natural and authentic self-expression, re-connection to one’s core essence, creative life force, expanded awareness and equanimity. More info..


SHE-Shakti  Sacred Movement

Extending from Areeradh’s many years of experience in yoga, meditative movement and her interest in the concept of divine feminine-musculine balance, SheDance–Shakti is a unique sacred dance that is the core essence of ‘SheDance women circle’. This sacred dance has 4 stages that lead into a powerful divine healing ceremony. The movement journey gently guides participants into a state of flow and meditative space. Any woman can participate as it is a free-form movement meditation. More info..


Yoga and Meditation

Areeradhana practice and teaches awareness-based yoga practice focused both on inner and outer alignments. Her meditation instructions also have the aim in the cultivation of awareness and mindful living that is in harmony with Nature. Below is a video captured some moments of a retreat she led in Chiang Mai. 



It is such joy to share and teach this dance system. I can only recommend that you come to experience it for yourself. Perhaps I’ll see you soon. ~ Areeradhana

The source of Areeradhana’s learning and teaching

Buddha’s Wisdom

Areeradhana has been exposed to meditation practice and Bhuddist ways of life since a very young age – throughout her childhood life. The teaching she’s received were mainly through listening to countless children stories and folktales, temple going and ceremonies and Thai school curriculums – the common ways of learning and living in those days. In about 2012 Areeradhana started her regular meditation practice and introduce the Four Noble Truth and Mindfulness in her training programs.

Educational Background
  • Thai school formal education
  • Open University study in Education and Thai Literture (Thammasart University, Thailand
  • Open University study in Child Development (OPU, London)
  • Diploma certificate in Adult Education and Mentoring (City University London)
  • Diploma certificate in Academic Learning (City University London)
  • Certificate of Completion in Academic Library Information Service and Technology (City University London)
Yoga, Movement and Self-Development Trainings

Some of the training and courses she has attended

  • Thai Traditional Dances (Extra school curricula)
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (Tri-yoga Education, London)
  • Biodanza Teacher Training (Dorset School of Biodanza, UK)
  • Thai Yoga Massage Therapist Certificate (Wat Pho, Bangkok)
  • Qi-Gong Foundation Course (THQ, Thailand)
  • Ayurveda and yogic life style Intensive study 
  • Restorative Yoga Training
  • Sufi sacred movement and philosophy immersion
  • Osho Dynamic AUM and Kundalini Meditation
  • Pi’s Inner Dance Intensive 4 days (2015, Yoga Tree-Chiang Mai)
  • Gabriel Roth’s Five Rhythm (4 years – various teachers, London)
  • Technical Voice Production course (London)
  • Foundation study of contemporary dance, modern jazz, Saveneince Flamingo Dance (London)
Meditation and Mindfulness

Some formal retreats and trainings recently attended

  • Jetsuma Tensin Palmo Retreats (2017 and 2019)
  • Ajarn Jayasaro Day Retreat (2015)
  • Ajarn Amaro Retreats (April, June and July 2019)
Work Experience Summary

Early work experience

  • Educator at Resettlement and Life orientation project by Save the Children (Phanat Nikhom Refugees camp)
  • Thai language Tutoring
  • Business computer system marketing
  • Online publishing and information services
  • Academic Library Information Officer

The Yoga Tree-Chiang Mai

From 2011 – 2019, Areeradh has successfully created and hold a wonderful yoga and dance meditation centre in Chiang Mai. With her creative vision and support from her small team and kulayanamitta. The Yoga Tree – Chiang Mai Arak road has become a legendary and was known and now remembered as truly a unique place for inner transformation and a well-loved community space that has provided a sense of ‘home’ to many people.


A little bit of Areeradhana personal stories 

Where to start – like everyone else, my life has been full of ups and downs, stories, places, people, experience, tears, mistakes, insights, hopes, smiles, joy and so much blessings and gratitude.

I was born at my grandmother’s home – literally on the bank of the Chao Praya River in a province South of Bangkok.  From the age of 5 to 12 I grew up in a remote village, near to my father’s home land in Northern Thailand (Isan). Then my family moved to a small town where I went to a high school and spent a lot time during school holidays with my younger sister reading in a local public library. In 1988 I was sponsored by my school and sent for a year to a small village in Brisbane, Australia on an AFS Exchange students program. When I finished my high school I left home to Bangkok and took my sister with me to find a job for myself and a school for her. We found both and there began the most difficult and significant transitioning few years of my life.

For 2 full years from 1991 I had a job as an educator/teacher with a refugees related project funded by ‘Save the Children’ organisation. I had the opportunity to work with many refugees from all areas surrounding Thailand to help them prepare for resettlement in the new country.

From year 1991 – 2000 was an exciting and social period of work-study-play hard in the city of Angels along side my life-long partner until we got married in 2000 and moved to London. I spent 10 years there continued my distance learning degrees while working full time at the City University and had a family. Now based Chiang Mai. 



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