General Yoga Level Guide

A recommendation to help you figure out which level is right for you. These are just some insights. We encourage you to do yoga and learn at your own pace. What’s most important is that you enjoy your time in taking a yoga class.  Look forward to welcome you at the Yoga Tree!

New Beginner (Level 0)

If you are completely new to yoga and/or are a beginner yogi, these classes will have a slower-paced flow. Learning basic foundation yoga postures you can develop strength, stamina and flexibility along with practicing correct alignment and breathing.
Should you be working with any injuries this level is also for you.

Experienced Beginner (Level 1)

For those that are more a bit more comfortable doing the basic postures & have been practising for a few months. Also if you are familiar with some of the Sanskrit or English pose names. A larger focus is given on yoga fundamentals of breathing, relaxing and meditation as you increase you body awareness.

Intermediate I (Level 2)

In this level poses will flow from one to another more quickly than the Beginner level, you will begin to hold poses longer with less instruction and greater focus on breath. For those feeling confident to explore more arm balances, inversions and backbends.

Recommended Classes: Yoga Explorations, Yoga Foundations, Yoga Fusion Flow, Iyengar Yoga

Intermediate II (Level 3)

For those who have established an independent practice and can maintain more complex poses for a longer period of time. If you feel ready to transition or planning a yoga teacher training this level is for you – as more advanced postures and vinyasas are introduced these classes require a bit more strength, stamina and flexibility.


For the well seasoned yogi, have done yoga teacher training previously, regular practitioner and has a strong understanding how to do most poses but is seeking to refine their technique. Classes have more challenging and vigorous sequences.

All Levels

A class with all levels is open to anyone interested in participating. If you are a new beginner you may find this class more challenging than comfortable. However, you are encourage to learn at your own pace. Remember to inform your teacher at the start of the class so he/she can make suitable instruction and adjustments for you.