It’s easy to say ‘follow your heart’. But a lot of the time we are just following our mind’s desires and the obligations of our agenda to make sure daily life continues and things get done. Much time we spend on trying to full-fill our needs or protect our identification with certain qualities and we easily let our head and responsibilities lead. Among all the doing that required our time and attention, we can add listening to the heart as complementary and or even as an alternative option. 

Following the heart may sound a bit vague and fluffy to some people. But to me, it keeps me on the path of joy, presence, trust and with deep gratitude to life.

I listen to my heart speak and follow her call. She reminds me of the essence of Here and Now.

(Breathing consciously and slowly)
Every time I climb up the stairs or at the start of a hike or a walk I feel my heart pounding with a kind of deepening sensation. Not one that is uncomfortable, just vividly clear, communicative, and present. It connects me with the moment that brought me to a pause to look up, to look further away to see and feel fully the mood of the moment and the transitioning horizon. 

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