DANCEmandala (live) Online

Movement meditation (live) online group session.

Friday bi-weekly 10.00 am Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
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This is an online LIVE movement class. Join our global tribe of dancers and creative individuals in the DANCEmandala virtual space. Make time to move your body and explore mindfulness in movement. Each session follows the flow of the DANCEmandala intelligent map and is guided by a certified and experienced facilitator. Join us from your own home or chosen space to dive deep into your dance or just come and enjoy the music, movement, and connection. All welcome. Read more:

How to Join us. You’re welcome to choose one of the following ways to join.

1. SIGN UP to join our Dancing Tribe: DANCEmandala FLOW Circle. You’ll get access to this session and more for free.

2. SUBSCRIBE to a monthly membership at a very special price. You will get access to all DANCEmandala LIVE sessions.

3. REGISTER to Dance now & Pay later for this session only.

New to online movement practice? Read helpful Guidelines here

What you need for attending dance online

  • Internet connection: get stable If your WIFI is not stable, we recommend using an ethernet cable to connect your device directly to your home internet router.
  • A computer laptop or mobile device that has a camera We recommend using a laptop computer and even better if you connect it to your smart TV monitor. Mobile devices are ok too.
  • Quality Audio Speaker or Headset and cable Good external speakers, in-ear, or a headset. Don’t forget to fully charge your devices.
  • Free Zoom user account Sign up for a free account with Zoom so you can look around and get to know its settings. Check out the audio settings option.
  • Private Space: indoor or outdoor Prepare your room so you can move around easily and safely. Having a cushion or blanket ready for your sitting and relaxation is a good idea.


Best Practices During an online Session

  • Be visually present within your frame This will help co-create a supportive space for everyone.
  • Adjust your own level of audio you hear Please note that you may not hear every word from your facilitator as audio settings are varied depending on our devices and the internet.
  • Mute your microphone Please mute your microphone during the session until the sharing part at the end.
  • Let go, be at ease, and have fun Each of us will experience the sound quality differently as it depends very much on the device that we use. If things are not going as you wish, just be and have fun anyway.

In attending this online session in your own home or space, you understand and agree that you are the only person taking full responsibility for your own well-being before, during, and after the session.

Containment and Privacy

  • Attend the entire session. Be fully present to your own dance and to the space we share visible during the session.
  • Use soothing Lighting. This does not mean that you have to show your face clearly all the time but be visible enough on-screen to maintain a field of openness, trust, and contribute to a sense of safe containment for everyone participating.
  • No screenshots, photos, or recording. For your privacy, we turn off ‘screen share’ and ‘recording’ functions, and we ask you not to take photos or videos using other devices during the sessions. The Chat function can be used if comments or feedback are needed, but we won’t be able to respond until after the session.

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Aug 20 2021
  • Time: 06:00 - 07:30




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