evening mini-retreat

Embodied Flow

Transformational movement, healing Dance, Yoga of Rest



Weekday bliss

25 July 2022

Summer evening

6:00 – 9:30 PM

Awaken your inner dancer through embodied movement flow DANCEmandala

Take time out from daily routines to explore healing dance, nourishing movement, and reconnection to your natural authentic body and a deeper sense of joy. Immerse in a sacred circle of women, and a soul-nourishing process to bring you home to yourself while experiencing the flow of presence and a conscious state of relaxation.

  • Find ease with guided DANCEmandala movement flow
  • Explore dance as medicine, and as nectar of Joy
  • Experience deep relaxation in Yoga of Conscious Rest
  • Re-connect, re-align to your inner sense of wellness
  • Honour and deep listen to body, feeling, heart

An invitation, a call to move, dance, and be in your true light. A process to support your unique expression and awareness. A space for newness and connection. This retreat is designed specially for heart-centred, wild-soul women of all shapes and walks of life. Bring dance into being and we shall have joy as abundance.

I am very excited and looking forward to holding this mini-retreat evening for you at Purusha. The big eco dome is just the place to be for a little bit of body and soul-nourishing experience. Come, get away for a few hours to be you, to move, flow, and do the radical relaxation. You are so welcome!


Surrounded by nature, Purusha is a gift of calm and reconnection



A transformational and healing movement modality that promotes wellness of our inner being. A process of deepening awareness, an expression of the natural self towards balance alignment of body, emotion, heart, and spirit.


The healing light and sharing circle

Being part of a supportive and heart-connected circle of space is what I value in my work that I offer. I’m  delighted to create and channel this vibration. Join this retreat and come into the circle of healing light. To participate, you may want to bring the following (optional)

  • Small bunch of flowers
  • A tea light candle
  • Crystal or an item of positive vibration
  • A healing intention
Book your seat now as retreat space is limited to 14 only to ensure maximum support for everyone.




Please arrive by 7 PM for prompt start or 6 PM for a cup of refreshment

If you wish to take time for refreshment (herbal tea) by the pond, the Tea Hut is available for you. Please let me know and arrive at the earliest 6 PM to enjoy this time. Otherwise, arrive 5-10 min before 7 PM to make a start all together. 

Cancellation Policy

Full payment is required at booking to secure your place on this retreat. Payment is non-refundable but can be transferred or credited toward another retreat with Areeradh should you need to cancel due to illness or any unforeseen circumstances.

Consider comfort with a touch of divine feminine and love

Please be invited to honor your feminine light and divine being. Please wear comfortable clothing that helps you feel good when moving your body and when lying down to take a rest. Bring a blanket if you wish to use your own. Otherwise, all props will be provided.

Health and well-being

Please make sure you are in general good health to attend this workshop. If you have symptoms of a cold, flu, high temperature, or other signs of being unwell, please do not attend the retreat. In participating in activities in this program, you are agreed to be fully responsible for your own well-being.

the location

Purusha Retreats, Lincoln, UK

Where eco meets luxury supported by beautiful open nature. The perfect place for body-soul nurturing with a warm welcoming vibe for creative exploration of movement, yoga, and relaxation in one place.

Enquiry: (+44) 07305818782

Phone and WhatsApp Areeradh

Retreat location: Purusha, Lincoln, UK

Chestnut Tree Farm, The Heath, Wellingore, Lincoln LN5 0DW

How to get to Purusha


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