The spirit of the fir tree is known to be about rising into the air and vast sky. In this rising to meet the challenges and changes of time and seasons, opportunities to create, grow and celebrate revealed themselves in the most magical ways.

I like and found the following very inspiring.

‘Message: The spirit of fir tree encourages us to see the bigger picture and rise to the occasion during times of rapid change. Now is the time to stand up and take action on something that was set in motion long ago. By rising above the mundane issues that pull us down we can see the true opportunities that are in front of us. By being authentic with ourselves and others we can stand in a place of strength and integrity that will help us achieve our goals.

Challenge: Wanting to remain unseen even when we need to take a stand. Not believing in ourselves or our potential contributions.’ ~

I recently discovered the spiritual vibration of Fir Tree. It feels like blessings are being given and this has helped me clarify some feelings I have had about Christmas in the past. My connection to it now is much more magical and close to the simple origin of the ‘Decorating of Fir Tree’. For me, it is just that. Gift-giving has always been a thing one does all year round. It is just very magical to bring attention to ‘giving’ in this particular time of year. As part of nature, I am again and again fascinated by ancient wisdom, many deep connections, and magics being harnessed and offered to humanity.

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