Wellspring Yoga

Yoga is open to everyone. We practice mindfulness, awareness of individual needs, optimum alignments, proper adjustments, and connection to yoga’s ancient roots. Wellspring Yoga incorporates breath, postures, movement, meditation, and creativity and is guided with awareness, care, and compassion.

The Yoga of Rest

The Yoga of Rest is a restorative yoga practice that focuses on calming and rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit through deep relaxation and awareness. A practice that requires patience, understanding, time and commitment. All are welcome.


This ‘Sitting Together in Stillness’ class provides a calm space and gentle, open guidance for an experience of a nourishing and peaceful being. The benefits of regular practice of meditation are a long list of things that support the well-being of those practicing and everyone around them. We will focus on Anapanasati (Beath Awareness) and Insight Meditation.

Moving Meditation, Somatic Dance, Embodied Movement

Available to all interested whether you think yourself a dancer or not. These online live classes invite your curiosity, participation, creativity, and presence.  Come with an open heart and a beginner’s mind to explore this powerful, joyful transformational practice. DANCEmandala offers you a space to come home to your body and establish the awakening awareness of inner alignment. A warm invitation to be among like-minded, like-hearted movement explorers!

Awaken The Creative: A program of well-being through creative movement, voice and intuitive art

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