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Workshops and Events

Up-coming workshops, events, and day festivals. Pre-registration is recommended. All are welcome! Please select the image to see more details of the workshop.



SheDance: Sacred dance circle

20th & 22nd June 2018 (15.00 – 17.30)

THB300 or YT Class pass advance booking appreciate.

Join our women circle to create space for yourself to reconnect to the feminine essence within you and allow your inner wisdom to guide the way into the sacredness of being, of softness, strength and fullness. Please bring small flower or a tea light. Dress in comfortable flowing clothing that honour your divine woman self.

Tibetan Bowls Sound Meditation

THB300 OR Class pass.

25 June 2018 (18.00-19.15)

Come join the magical journey to inner peace and healing with the beautiful sounds and vibrations of Tibetan bowls and Chinese gong

Please be on time prompt start 6pm

Yoga For Women

1 July 2018 (16.00 – 17.30)

THB300 advance booking appreciated.

Ladies, come and join me for this deeply nourishing class. In addition to the physical benefits of improved blood circulation, postural alignment, muscle tone and balance, this class will specifically work on the neuroendocrine system which helps harmonise hormonal levels and creates new foundations for emotional stability. We will cultivate a calm, balanced, vital feeling while detoxifying the body and promoting a sense of inner well being.

“No experience is necessary, all women are warmly welcome.”

Restorative Yoga class for Women

8 July 2018 (14.00 – 17.00)

THB450 or THB350 advance booking.

Booking email :

Body Bliss Restorative Yoga Mini-Retreat
Women, come and feel deeply nourished from the inside out with this luscious, bliss-filled class of comfortable nurturing poses, guided meditation, beautiful poetry and soothing music.
Restorative yoga is one of the most beneficial modalities for women. It creates a cascade of wonderful effects that drastically reduce stress, balance hormones, help with weight reduction, ease menstrual and menopause challenges, and creates a deep sense of spaciousness to our otherwise busy lives.
You will leave this class feeling cleansed, deeply nourished and ready for life ahead.
Laurina is the founder of Well Woman Yoga. She works with women to use conscious body movement as a catalyst for providing deep inner nourishment. A passionate spiritual explorer, Laurina is initiated into yoga as well as many women’s sacred dance traditions and has taught in Asian countries as well as Australia.

“No experience is necessary, all women are warmly welcome.”

DANCEmandala : Ritual of Intent

10 August 2018 (18.00 – 20.00)

THB450 or 350 Advance booking:

Awaken and or refine your senses and receptivity with this deep listening meditative bliss dance spiral. Devised especially for the spaciousness of the Yoga Tree dance floor, the session will offer magical music and divine space to welcome you to explore this free-form moving meditation blind folded (optional). We will prepare delicious vegan raw chocolate smoothie for an extra treat if you wish to add it together with your intention setting. This is a contemplative dance meditation. The session will be gently guided by AK Tri-Siddha.

Please wear loose comfortable clothes you can dance in. Blind fold will be provided. Advanced booking appreciated.

Sufi Meditation by Nirupam Gayn

2-6 November 2018 (09.00 – 15.00)

Investment for this event:
-standard price: 10000baht for 5 days (2000baht per day*).
-early bird price (before August 15th): 8000bahts for 5 days
(1500baht per day*) 

*A minimum attendance of 3 days is required for this workshop. 

Booking email : Please book in advance and secure your spot by paying a 2000baht deposit. Email contact and booking:

In this 5-day course we will be practicing Gurdjieff movements, zikr, singing, breathing & dancing. Using these techniques which have been practiced by Sufi to meet and become one with the Truth that is always present. Let’s take away our masks by diving deep into the heart and share the love & beauty of our being.

Nirupam Gyan has been on the path of meditation for the past 30 years and sharing it around the world for the last 14 years. He has been trained in Gurdjieff Sacred Dances, Sufi whirling and Zikr, Awareness Intensive, Osho Holistic massage and Reiki.

“Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again , come , come.”
― Rumi

Meditation Circle – The Yoga Tree community offering

Monday – Friday (12.30 – 13.30)

By donation (THB50 suggested)

This is a stillness meditation space. We come to sit together in circle to practice our own meditation in silence. No teaching but we will open the circle for sharing about topics related to meditation, Buddhist mindfulness, principles, practical ideas in developing good foundations for inner peace.