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Workshops and Events

Up-coming workshops, events, and day festivals. Pre-registration is recommended. All are welcome! Please select the image to see more details of the workshop.


SheDance: women circle and Sacred Dance

25 May 2018 (15.00 – 17.30)

THB300 advance booking.

Join our women circle to create space for yourself to reconnect to the feminine essence within you and allow your inner wisdom to guide the way into the sacredness of being, of softness, strength and fullness. Please bring small flower or a tea light. Dress in comfortable flowing clothing that honour your divine woman self.

Anahata Wellspring Yoga – Community class offering

25 May 2018 (9.00 – 10.15)

Community class price THB150 – everyone welcomed!

An all levels slower paced yoga class, a practice suitable for this warm season. This class will include simple breathing practice (pranayama), keys yoga postures, relaxation and meditation.

Advance Booking Now

Somatic Yin Yoga 

2 June 2018 (14.30 – 17.30)

450THB until June 1st ,

550THB on the day (Not class pass inclusive)

In this special 3 hour workshop you will be guided through a sequence of awareness through movement practices combined with Yin Yoga postures to connect you to your essential nature of ease – ease of moving, ease of breathing, ease of being – reclaiming space in the body and improving your range of whole body sensitivity.

We will learn about the principles of Somatic movement, what it means to move from an embodied approach and experience your practice from the inside out as we tune in to receive sensations from the postures rather than ‘do’ them.

During our time together we will play with using our breath to activate pockets of awareness, play with differentiating sensations of tension and relaxation and bring more spaciousness and subtle movement into the seemingly still and condensed practice of Yin, giving time to workshop these specific techniques before going into a full guided practice where you can apply what you have learned.

Recommended for students interested in the subtle and the slow art of embodiment and who have tried Yin Yoga before.

Teacher’s Biography:

Jade is a Somatic Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer and offers touch-sensitive healing. She teaches embodiment practices to improve awareness and vitality and to broaden the spectrum of traditional Yoga asana. She has a quirky and kind, inquiry-based approach to teaching that is focused on liberation through awareness. She is influenced greatly by her passion for all things movement, her in-depth study of anatomy and bodywork.

Meditation Circle – The Yoga Tree community offering

Monday – Friday (12.30 – 13.30)

By donation

This is a stillness meditation space. We come to sit together in circle to practice our own meditation in silence. No teaching but we will open the circle for sharing about topics related to meditation, Buddhist mindfulness, principles, practical ideas in developing good foundations for inner peace.

DANCEmandala Trance

15 June 2018 (18.00 – 20.00)

THB350 walking OR THB300 advance booking.

Awaken and or refine your senses and receptivity with this deep listening meditative bliss dance spiral. Devised especially for the spaciousness of the Yoga Tree dance floor, the session will offer magical music and divine space to welcome you to explore this free-form moving meditation blind folded (optional). We will prepare delicious vegan raw chocolate smoothie for an extra treat if you wish to add it together with your intention setting. This is a contemplative dance meditation. We invite no physical touch and nonverbal interaction during the dance. The session will be gently guided by AK Tri-Siddha.

Please wear loose comfortable clothes you can dance in. Blind fold will be provided. Advanced booking appreciated.