BIODANZA – Dance of Life

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Erich the body and soul with the joy of dance, and connection

Biodanza is a system of dance expression that encourage conscious human interaction. This 2 hour session that will take you through a journey of self-discovery as we dance, connect and play together to great music form all around the world. We will take time to listen to our body and creatively feel and express our emotions. All men and women welcome!

Developed by Chilean anthropologist Rolando Toro, BIODANZA is an integration of movement, music and expression that is expressive and vitalizing. Biodanza provides an opportunity to enhance our connection with our true essence and with others, to open the heart and free the body. It is for anyone who wants to live with more joy and vitality.

“It offers a life affirming experience of vitality, creativity, sensuality and expression. The Biodanza philosophy is to put more fun, pleasure, happiness, spontaneity and love into life!” Mike Skilbeck (Director, Dorset School of Biodanza – UK)